Covid and Amphan Care

#WeCare - Let's make a difference for India and give back to motherland
NABC and global Bengalis help Bengal and India – COVID and AMPHAN through VIRTUAL NABC Covid Care Concert – July 3 and 4, 2020


As the coronavirus crisis engulfs the world, Bengalis and Bengali organizations all over the world are determined to make a difference and help humanity and stand beside the ones who are affected. In case of Bengal, dual disasters of COVID and AMPHAN have hit the populace badly; it has impacted lives and livelihoods. Together we deeply care about India and it is our turn to make a difference and leave a mark. We need your help and cooperation as an esteemed partner organization to make our effort a success.


North America Bengali Conference (referred to as “NABC” or “Banga Sammelan”) and its parent organization Cultural Association of Bengal (CAB) are spearheading a fundraising drive, uniting Bengali diaspora citizen from every corner of the globe, to stand by our brothers and sisters in our homeland India. This is a collective effort to stand by our people in this terrible time of COVID-19 pandemic and Cyclone Amphan. This fundraising campaign is being coordinated with all major Bengali Associations and alumni organizations around the world, including North America and Canada. NABC will NOT keep any earning from this fundraiser for itself and plans to donate the entire amount to charity after paying for the production expenses.

We have planned “NABC COVID and Amphan Care Concert” - a grand Philanthropic Musical Talk Show, partnering with most celebrated and talented musicians, singers, and movie stars from India. The show will be broadcast digitally on major television channel and over internet streaming platform globally for awareness, support and fundraising on July 3rd and 4th. Times will be announced. Please donate generously.


First and foremost, please donate generously for the cause. In addition, we would be so grateful if you come forward and join us in the effort to make this event a great success. You will be recognized as a deemed partner organization of NABC COVID and AMPHAN CARE INITIATIVE for being part of this philanthropic effort. NABC will provide all promotional materials related to the NABC COVID and AMPHAN CARE CONCERT.

Please help India and Bengal. Let’s help Bengal rise from COVID and Cyclone AMPHAN.

We need your help in following areas:

  • Marketing and promotion of the event and initiative among your community members.

  • Promoting the event over your social networking platform, E blast, newsletters, website, and other media. Seeking financial support from everyone including eminent people and corporate philanthropic partners in your area for COVID and Cyclone Amphan.

  • Volunteering in different areas, like technology, marketing, corporate relation, digital promotion.

  • NABC is going to recognize distinguished COVID -19 relief work of all community organizations. Share information about your valuable social services and motivational stories with us.


Please publicize the event, reach out to partner organizations and sign up. Let the journey to help our motherland begin!

#HelpBengal #SaveBengal #JaiHind

Please donate for this cause

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