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One facet of the North American Bengali Conference (NABC) of 2020, set apart from cultural performances, business seminars, movie showings, school reunions and the like, is the Bengali Heritage Exhibition. Support for it comes from a group of dedicated and heritage-conscious individuals, steeped in the history of Bengal and its culture, who have striven to keep the flame alive to illuminate the minds of the conference attendees with knowledge of Bengal’s rich heritage.

The Exhibition will be held in the 35’ X 60’ Ballroom G of the Westgate Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. The exhibition area will be divided into four sections, expanding out of four corners, with different groups of exhibits and interactive activities. The central area will have a decorative structure on a dais tastefully representing the motif of the effort. The following will be the four sections or segments of the Exhibition.

Section 1: Culture in Context: Bengali Art and Artisans

  • Live demonstration of craft by invited artisans from West Bengal

  • Wall display of artworks (originals and prints) by invited Bengali artists

  • Art and Craft Workshops

Section 2: Respecting the Old, Inspiring the New

  • Homage to three Bengali Centurions: Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rahaman, Hemanta Mukhopadhyay and Ravi Shankar (In annotated photos and posters)

  • Exhibition of photographs taken by members of the Bengali diaspora

  • Original paintings and drawings by members of the Bengali diaspora

Section 3: Bengali Font Evolution: Manuscript through Printing Press to Computers

  • Early fonts used in old handwritten manuscripts (Poster display)

  • Various fonts used with the printing press (Poster display)

  • Development of modern computer fonts (Interactive on laptops)

Section 3: The Bengali Immigrants in North America: From Ancestors to Progeny

  • A view of ancestry in terms of the Family Tree (Interactive)

  • The recent immigrant experience through decades of family photographs

  • Some views on the future of Bengali-Americans: Surviving and non-surviving traditions

Central Exhibit : TBD

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