Global post-event feedback for Hope 2020 via different media

It indeed was a great feeling being united on a global platform for a cause, to make a difference for the motherland. The success of the program tells the story of the tremendous background effort, sincerity and meticulous planning. Congratulations to each one of you involved .It was a highly appreciative gesture to include the overseas Bengali Associations on your platform. Sincere appreciation. – Jayati B. Maitra - Bangiya Parishad Qatar

Big congratulations to you and the team on the success of the first night. I was actually up watching last night. Great show and well done. - SuranjanSom - The Global Bengali and Stay a[LIVE] Concerts) – UK

Very good distribution model using BSS and RS. I am sure you have the list for musicians and technicians for distribution. I was really worried about Bengal Chief Minister Relief Fund. Normally those funds never reaches the needy people and is used for party works. We will surely donate - Mulund Mumbai (Facebook)

Hope 2020 was a huge success. It was such a fantastic event with stars and celebrities performing on the same stage. It must have been a huge effort. Hats off to CAB and NABC combining efforts with NRI organizations across the world. Great to see you care so deeply about your motherland and donated generously for India and Bengal. – Tapan Misra, Senior Advisor, Indian Space Research Organization, ISRO

Great Program, Great Job! - Somanath Kutty (Facebook)

Enjoying HOPE – 2020 - Haraprasad Mitra (Facebook)

Good Initiative - Ekla Ami (Facebook)

Good Initiative - Soma Roy (Facebook)

Mind blowing program going on - Somnath Maity (Facebook)

Good morning best wishes good luck do more noble deeds beneficial for society thanks - Yash Chawla (Facebook)

Thanks very much Tapas Sanyal da for the invitation, best wishes for the event - Barnali Kar (Facebook)

Liked the concept - Pinaki Krishna Ghosh (Facebook)

Enjoyed the programme thoroughly - Sohini Roy (Facebook)

Wonderful program - Sipra Roy (Facebook)

Excellent !! let there be love and peace everywhere - Arabinda Saha (Facebook)

So poignant and touching . Stirs those heart strings - Madhumita Sen (Facebook)

Please don't deposit it to any government fund unless they will digest the whole amount. Please try to distribute among them who really need this help.🙏🙏 - Bibhas Chakraborty (Facebook)

It was a fantastic event – so glad I was a small part of your effort. Thank you for keeping your motherland in your thoughts. - Rituparna Sengupta (Zoom call)

AWESOME NABC HOPE 2020!! - Ansuri Bose Sarkar (Facebook)

জুনের শেষ থেকেই দেশজুড়ে করোনার দাপট বাড়ছে। বাংলার অবস্থাও ভালো নয়। করোনা আর উম্পুনের চোটে বিধ্বস্ত বাংলার বিভিন্ন এলাকা। তাই দেশের মানুষের পাশে দাঁড়াতে এবার বলিউড এবং বাংলার গানের বিশিষ্ট শিল্পীরা জোটবদ্ধ হচ্ছেন। উদিত নারায়ণ, শঙ্কর মহাদেবন, কুমার শানু, অলকা ইয়াগ্নিক, বাবুল সুপ্রিয়, অনুপ জালোটা, কবিতা কৃষ্ণমূর্তি, হরিহরণ, ডালের মেহেন্দিরা থাকছেন। আবার বাংলা থেকে উষা উত্থুপ, রাঘব চট্টোপাধ্যায়, রূপঙ্কর বাগচী, অন্তরা চৌধুরী, শ্রাবণী সেন, শম্পা কুণ্ডু, ইমন চক্রবর্তীর মতো বহু শিল্পী গান গাইবেন। জুলাইয়ের তিন, চার, পাঁচে ইউটিউব চ্যানেলে দেখতে পাবেন এই কনসার্ট। গ্লোবাল স্ট্রিমিং টাইম রাত ন’টা। ভারতে কনসার্ট শুরু ভোর সাড়ে ছ’টা থেকে। তারিখ জুলাই ৪,৫,৬। করোনার চোটে বাতিল হয়েছে এ বছরের নর্থ আমেরিকান বেঙ্গলি কনফারেন্স। তবে দমতে নারাজ কর্তৃপক্ষ। এমন কনসার্টের মাধ্যমে তাঁরা বাংলার মানুষের কাছে ত্রাণ পৌঁছে দিতে বদ্ধপরিকর। ইতিমধ্যেই টলিউডের টেকনিশিয়ানদের মুখেও হাসি ফোটাতে উদ্যোগী হয়েছে এনএবিসি। - Ei Samay (Facebook)

This is a great initiative to support Bengal people. We would like donate but it’s very unclear to us that ‘How the funds will be distributed (distribution model) and will reach to the needy people”. Can anyone from NABC core team respond and provide the details - Mulund Mumbai (Facebook)

Hats off to Prabir Roy for his commitment to NABC - SuparnaBaral Chakraborty (YouTube)

Kudos to the team of NABC. We support your team full heartedly - D Das (YouTube)

Great Performances by all the eminent artists! Thank you CAB and NABC 2020 for organizing this noble humanitarian effort of 'NABC HOPE 2020 Global Philanthropic Concert' to support the needs of the people of Bengal affected by COVID-19 pandemic and supercycloneAmphan! Sincere thanks and appreciation for all the donors, artists, and the organizers - personally and on behalf of the Bengali Society of Florida (BSF), Orlando, Florida, USA. Best wishes! Please donate! Thank you - Chirajyoti Deb (YouTube)

বাংলার জন্য অনুষ্ঠান, কিন্তু অনুষ্ঠানে বাংলা ভাষা কই? - Anupam Bandyopadhyay (YouTube)

Kavita ma'am... Best!😊😊 - Suchetana Gupta (YouTube)

Great Program 👍👏👏- Sudipto Roy (YouTube)

Great initiative👍 - Oindrila Chakraborty (YouTube)

দারুন প্রচেষ্টা। ভয়েজের প্রয়োজন থাকলে প্লিজ জানাস মাথুদা।... - Soma Roy Guha (YouTube)

Wonderful - Monika Ghosh (YouTube)

What a wonderful idea and a great cause! So proud to be a bangali. All the best - Sushanta Mallick (YouTube)

Friends...Please donate, whatever you could... Excitedly waiting for tonight's program - Association of Bengalis Kansas City Sangam (YouTube)

Saddened to see a Bengali music conference where there is hardly any legendary Bengali songs being sung, when there is no dearth of Bengali stalwarts in the past - Shreya Bhattacharya (YouTube)

Kudos to the team NABC for a great cause! - Tirthankar Barari (YouTube)

Fantastic!! Congratulations to the team NABC!! - Jaba Chaudhuri (YouTube)

Awesome show by NABC/CAB and a great initiative indeed!! - Zoom Adda (YouTube)

Very nice, love it! Great work you guys doing kudos to all team! - Awaneesh Gupta (YouTube)

It's a great idea that NABC thought of arranging this online program this year. Usually the budget for NABC every year is more than $1 Million (Tickets and corp sponsors) and more than 90% is spent for renting the venue, pay the artists and all other associated expenses - Dilip Som (YouTube)

How exciting, love the count down!!! FINALLY, the wait is over - Madhumita Sen (YouTube)

Hats off! Only the Bangalees can do something like this...truly cultural and kind. Love you the whole team - Shankha The Bong Artist (YouTube)

What a musical feast! Let us keep the ones in need & give back to Bengal/India. 🙏 - Samita Sen (YouTube)

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