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Dear valued NABC patron,

We are excited to have NABC 2021 virtually on our custom digital platform and NABC 2022 in person in Las Vegas.

NABC 2020 registration renewal option for 2022 at Las Vegas with the following benefits:

1. Free Registration offer to NABC 2021 - the new digital, and global version. Event will be available on a comprehensive interactive digital platform, customized for NABC. ($50.00 value). Attendees have to pay $50 otherwise to view the event.

2. You will be protected against any registration rate increase for each category for NABC 2022 for being our valued patron and standing with us during the pandemic.

Please do allow your registration for NABC 2020 to continue for NABC 2021 and 2022 and not request a refund.

In case, you still want to cancel, NABC 2020 registration cancellation and refund process is outlined as follows:

1. Please send a request for cancellation of NABC 2020 registration and refund by email to The request must indicate the registrant name, registration number, and the reason for cancellation. The requests also need to be originated by the registrant and no other person or group acting in her/his behalf. The requests for cancellation and refunds are not to be addressed or copied to any other NABC official than the registration team.

2. NABC 2020 management will issue all refunds after 10% deduction from the amount paid at registration. It will be issued by check and mailed to registrants’ addresses as indicated at registration. Please allow up to 15 business days to receive the refund after receipt of your cancellation request by the registration team. NABC 2020 is not responsible if the mail is not delivered due to change of address or any other reason. The registrant must indicate if the check needs to be mailed to a different address in their email.

3. The deadline for NABC 2020 registration cancellation and refund request is January 31, 2021 and any requests sent afterwards will not be honored.

Hope to see you in both NABC 2021 virtually and NABC 2022 in person.

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