NABC2020 Publication

Soliciting Contents for the NABC 2020 Souvenir Magazine

The NABC 2020 Publication Team invites submission of original and previously unpublished works in Bengaliforthe NABC 2020 Souvenir magazine. We are looking for essays, short stories and poems. Prose pieces should be limited to 2,500 words (roughly 5 printed pages). Poetry submissionsshould be limited to at most two poems. In addition, submissions of artistic sketches and creative photographs (in black and white) are also welcome.

Submissions should be typed, converted into the PDF format and sent as e-mail attachments to Those without access to document typing or PDF conversion software must make alternate arrangements by reaching out to Amitabha Bagchi via e-mail sent to the above electronic address.

The deadline for submission is December 30, 2020. Your submission will be reviewed by the Publication Team and accepted for publication subject to their approval. We will try to notify you of the publication status in a prompt and timely manner.

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